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  • Victoria University of Wellington - Faculty of Architecture and Design 139 Vivian Street Te Aro, Wellington, 6011 New Zealand (map)

24th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia

The territories of computational design are ever-changing and represent a substantial region that remains uncharted; one with expanding and permeable boundaries that continue to be fully breached.  This ocean of opportunity implores researchers to embark on ambitious journeys of exploration. Undulating and temporal,  computational design needs research that engages explicitly with the innovative, intelligent and informed exploitation of computational design, and with the array of computational technologies that the discipline may engage with.
Human intelligence and creativity deliver the hegemonic direction for the field of computer-mediated architectural design research; an area where the computational component is a core aspect of the investigation. The actors in this are both witness to, and instigators of, the exciting, consequent, well-founded research that continues to deliver new knowledge, insights and information.
This, then, explains the specific overarching theme of the conference: ‘Intelligent and Informed’. 

The scope of this theme is driven by the intention to take in aspects of machine intelligence, and a wide range of potential research that engages with the intelligent exploitation of computer-mediated techniques in Architecture.

Within the coverage of the call lies a broad spectrum of approaches ranging from speculative, informal investigations to conventional scientific research, including but not limited to the following research and praxis topics. Papers must address the conference theme 'Informed & Intelligent'.

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